Cyma Architects is an Award-Winning, RIBA Chartered Architectural Practice.

of traditional design, combined with a functional and stylish modernity.

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Cyma Architects design philophosy

The Directors of Cyma worked for many years on historic building, conservation and restoration work as well as in the design and construction of new build green oak frame housing.

These areas of work require an in depth knowledge of historic building design and construction techniques and demand a considered, sensitive approach to design with a close attention to detail.

House design and architecture

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House design and its architecture

At Cyma we have developed a considerable understanding and knowledge of many types and styles of historic building, from the traditional Kent vernacular domestic and agricultural buildings of the sixteenth century, through Georgian, Victorian, Arts and Crafts and Edwardian.

Listed building architects

Listed building architects

We work with many Listed buildings to conserve and positively alter them so that they are preserved used the best way possible. We believe it is vital that to maintain the original character and quality of our historic buildings that enrich our local area. Through our understanding and appreciation of building tradition we can apply this traditional approach to the design of new buildings and develop a robust architecture for the future.
Listed building architecture projects

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Cyma Architects RIBA plan of works

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Cyma Architects RIBA plan of works

The Cyma Architects plan of works is based on the RIBA plan of works.  It sets out the framework for a successful build that is on time and on budget. open page

Planning permission in Kent

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Gaining planning permission for your build or alteration is a vital service that we offer.  Over 20 years we have built up an excellent reputation with planning officer through Kent and the United Kingdom.  Our experience with gaining planning permission in rural and listed building helps us identify any key issue at the start of the process. open page

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Cyma Architects tree planting programme

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Cyma Architects tree planting programme

As a company we understand that in the provisions of our service we are contributing to the adverse effects on our climate.  We have embarked up a project to completely offset our carbon footprint.  This is an ongoing project where we are constantly looking at not only making our building designs more environmental friendly, but also the day to day running of our business and our services.  In the first instance Cyma Architects will plant 100 trees for every accepted planning permission.  open page