Cyma Tree Planting Programme

We recognise as a company that in the provisions of our services we are contributing to the effects on our climate. To offset and negate our carbon footprint CYMA Architects have embarked upon a project to ensure the services provided are carbon neutral.

Lets plant lots of trees in Kent

In partnership with the Woodlands trust, Cyma architects will plant 100 trees in and around the area of the build for every accepted planning permission.  In addition, on the completion of the build project Cyma Architects will plant a further 500 trees.

Tree Planting 2

Cyma Architects Tree Planting Programme with the Woodland Trust

The loss of ancient woodland and hedgerows has had a serious impact on many of our woodland species including Bechstein’s bats and purple emperor butterflies. Hazel dormouse numbers have declined by a third since 2000. Ancient woodland covers a mere 2% of the UK so homes for these cute and increasingly rare rodents are scarce. We cannot replace ancient woodland that has been lost but, by becoming a member of the Woodland Trust, you can help us protect what is left.