The Cyma Architects Plan of Work

Cyma Architects Ltd work in accordance with the RIBA Conditions of Engagement which has been created to make it easy to specify in which areas the Architect is needed.  This allows us to tailor make a design project solution for each of our clients to ensure they have the knowledge and expertise to the elements of the project they need whilst remaining focused and cost-effective..

Intial Contact
Intial contact with Cyma Architects
Strategic Definition
Identify client’s Business Case and Strategic Brief and other core project requirements.
Preparation and Brief
stage 1 - 10% payment
Develop Project Objectives, including Quality Objectives and Project Outcomes, Sustainability Aspirations, Project Budget, other parameters or constraints and develop Initial Project Brief. Undertake Feasibility Studies and review of Site Information
Concept Design
Prepare Concept Design, including outline proposals for structural design, building services systems, outline specifications and preliminary Cost Information along with relevant Project Strategies in accordance with Design Programme. Agree alterations to brief and issue Final Project Brief
Developed Design
Prepare Developed Design, including coordinated and updated proposals for structural design, building services systems, outline specifications, Cost Information and Project Strategies in accordance with Design Programme.
Technical Design
Prepare Technical Design in accordance with Design Responsibility Matrix and Project Strategies to include all architectural, structural and building services information, specialist subcontractor design and specifications, in accordance w
Offsite manufacturing and onsite Construction in accordance with Construction Programme and resolution of Design Queries from site as they arise
Handover of building
Handover of building and conclusion of Building Contract.
In Use, Feedback and Evaluation

At this point carry out a full 360 review of our services with our customer, suppliers, builders and other professional services. We value this feedback…

We would welcome the opportunity of helping you build yoor home or building. Please do get in touch with the deatils below.