Cyma Tree Planting Programme

Cyma Architects Ltd have partnered with Ecologi, a B-Corp certified environmental organisation which funds reforestation projects globally. Cyma is committed to planting 25 trees for every successful planning application submitted, and an additional 100 for every completed project.


Cyma Architects Tree Planting Programme with Ecologi

Ecologi is dedicated to combating climate change and facilitates the funding of reforestation and carbon offset projects worldwide. They collaborate with individuals and organisations to contribute to environmental conservation. Their mission is to reduce 50% of global CO2 emissions by 2040 while responsibly planting billions of trees every year. Ecologi empowers everyone to join the fight against climate change and be a part of the solution.

Why trees?

Healthy trees sequester CO2, making them climate champions from the moment they’re planted. They also help to restore healthy ecosystems, sequestering and storing even more carbon in soils and plant biomass, as well as boosting biodiversity.

Reforestation projects provide co-benefits for local people which can promote employment, gender equality, new income streams, more diverse food sources to support a healthier diet, and improved community facilities.

Ecologi only supports responsible tree planting. This means supporting community-led projects where ecologically appropriate species are planted at the right place and time, and where trees are guarded from natural and man-made threats.