Cyma Architects is a Kent based architectural practice working in Ashford, Canterbury, Folkestone, Rye, Tonbridge and across the South East.


Remembered, Not Forgotten; Folkestone’s little-known architecture.

Celebrate Love Architecture Week 2012 with Cyma Architects Exhibition; 18th - 23rd June

 Remembered, Not Forgotten; Folkestone’s little-known architecture

 Cyma Architects have lovingly depicted the unknown or missing buildings to show their true architectural dignity.

 The drawings and paintings are for sale.

 Folkestone underwent a major building programme from the industrial era of the 1850s until the outbreak of World War 2. The building was mostly at the instigation of the Des Bouverie family (the Earls of Radnor) who employed well-known architects such as Decimus Burton and Sydney Smirke as well as those lesser-known, such as Reginald Pope and Brightwen Binyon. The town was once graced with an exquisite church by George Frederick Bodley, with works by William Morris within. This and many other buildings were demolished shortly after the War as trade evaporated.

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