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Higham Barn Conversion 5
Higham Barn Conversion 6

To convert a disused Grade II listed barn to residential use whilst maintaining the agricultural character and restoring the oak frame give new life into the building. Due to the high water table, the floor level had to be raised by 600mm to be protected from flooding.
Higham barn was a redundant Grade II listed agricultural barn within the setting of another Grade II listed building. The proposal to convert the barn for residential use also involved the raising of the timber structure to protect the sole plate from damp.
Our client was keen to retain as much of the character of the existing barn as possible, to work with existing openings as far as possible and to try to maintain the integrity of the central barn area as much as possible and to limit the extent of alterations to the existing structure.The client wanted to make the most of the views and to the south and west and to open up as much as possible the southeast and southwest elevations.He also wanted to try to keep the barn looking as much like an agricultural barn as possible when approached from the northeast.The flood risk mitigation required that the floor level of the barn be raised by approximately 600mm to 3.6m ODN.